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Litecoin Foundation

The goal of the Litecoin Foundation is to advance Litecoin by developing and promoting state-of-the-art blockchain technologies. They also work closely with—and financially support—the Litecoin Core developers.

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Litecoin Wiki

A collaboratively maintained resource, listing tutorials on how to get into mining, to technical pages describing the underlying blockchain technology.

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Litecoin Learner

A far more extensive resource list than the one you're reading now. This website lists Litecoin-related news websites, academic research, social media accounts, merchants, communities, and much more.

The Litecoin School of Crypto icon
The Litecoin School of Crypto

The go-to website for (newbie) crypto fans. Provides detailed guides on things like MAST, Lightning Network, Hardware Wallets and much more.

Beginner Trader Resources icon
Beginner Trader Resources

A reddit post containing a list of resources like Crypto Charts Tutorials, Support Resistance Basics, Candlesticks, MACD basics, and much, much more. A great starting point for the newbie trader.

Litecoin Block Reward Halving Countdown icon
Litecoin Block Reward Halving Countdown

A website counting down until the next block halving happens. It also shows information on the current amount of coins in circulation, inflation, market capitalization, blocks, mining difficulty, and the current hashrate. Watch a video from the Litecoin Foundation explaining the halving

LtcWisdom icon

Information and charts on mining difficulty and hashrates. The website also offers a mining calculator, allowing one to calculate mining profitability. icon

Trade coins from person-to-person, without the use of an exchange. The website acts as an escrow service, protecting buyers from scams and fraud.

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Litecoin Project Github

Stay updated on the latest technical developments regarding the Litecoin Project.

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Litecoin Statistics

Information on transactions, blocks, wealth distribution, social media activity, Github updates, Google Trends, and more.

Flappening Watch icon
Flappening Watch

Arise Chickun! See when Litecoin is passing Ethereum in market cap and other areas. Arise!

Litecoin News

Litecoin on Twitter

TheRealXinxi Twitter profile picture

RT @coinut_exchange: The sudden price jump of Bitcoin, Litecoin and other coins is probably because of the alleged Tether issues. https://t…

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RT @GeminiTrust: As of 9:30am EDT this morning, you will be able to deposit Litecoin (LTC) into your Gemini account! Trading will begin thi…

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RT @magicalcrypto: Watch Magical Crypto Friends Episode 12: The Bug Foundation. In this episode: Baltic Honeybadger conference, The B (foun…

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RT @TheVladCostea: Today marks the 7th anniversary of the oldest popular altcoin, @litecoin. So I wrote a story about the community behind…


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