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Discussions for Sunday 21 January 2018

Discussions for Saturday 20 January 2018

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Start of a bull run/trap?
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Ok I'm buying at 199.00
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Im selling a few LTC's
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Where is all the volume?
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We need the whales
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Skip lunch, lose fats, get rich
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The price seems to go down...

Discussions for Friday 19 January 2018



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Ok, Google. Ask Mr. Satoshi what is the price of Litecoin. 💥

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RT @SatoshiLite: I'm going to be at this Sunday's Stanford Bitcoin Meetup. Will talk a bit about my fee signaling proposal. Stop by if you…

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Thanks to Singapore banks for not opening a bank account for us, we had to store all our assets as Litecoins, which… https://t.co/OGe3PyhM3t

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We are now a non-profit organisation and working on an official charity status from the Singapore government. After… https://t.co/wcqxMW8D8a


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