Sentiment Analysis

How it works

The sentiment of a news post is determined by a machine learning engine. When the website aggregates news from a website (e.g. it captures all the news titles and classifies them as either positive, neutral, or negative (based on previous training). The engine is specifically trained on Litecoin and cryptocurrency news.

Sentiment is currently only shown when you opted in (at the bottom of this page), this is because the engine isn't too clever yet. The engine is being trained as news comes in so it will become smarter over time. In the future sentiment will be shown by default.

Current engine knowledge
Positive titles 644 40.5%
Neutral titles 678 42.7%
Negative titles 267 16.8%

Below you can find some examples of titles and their sentiment. Please keep in mind the statistics above, and the fact that the engine is like a baby—some labels may be incorrect. You can refresh the page to get different titles.

Positive (beta) (determined by engine)

  • Coinbase got a kickass new UI!
  • Luckygames is the best LITECOIN gambling site in network. The main goal is to bring you the greatest gambling experience ever with all the high-end features.
  • Come make some money!

Neutral (beta) (determined by engine)

  • [Discussion] What have YOU done to help Litecoin?
  • My version of a lambo
  • Should I switch?

Negative (beta) (determined by engine)

  • Selling my futurebit moonlander 2. Tested for over 72 hours. Asking 0.5 LTC. Powered usb hub also available.
  • Videos on talks about Litecoin? Please post your favorite below.
  • Anyone else can't stop thinking about cryptocurrencies?

Enable sentiment

You can optionally enable sentiments by clicking the button below, but keep in mind that some news could have been labeled incorrectly.

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